why this blog?

Sometimes you need a trigger in life to change your behaviours, your view, your mindset and the way how you share moments with people around you. I was already thinking about to create a blog since many years, but never had a clear idea what the content could be.


The past few years I was travelling through whole of Europe and saw many beautiful and breathtaking places, I ate in the best restaurants of the world and visited some of the most prestigious and trendy events. My possibilites and experiences have changed over the time. This is only one reason, which brings me now to the point to create this blog.


Friends and family members spread all over the world ask me regularly about my visits in famous restaurants or my travel experiences and I never elaborated a professional plattform or way to summarize and comment them.

So, I asked myself why not opening a globally open blog for everybody like some of my favourite bloggers already have. The blog allows me in a very simple and attractive way to publish all these experiences and get feedbacks from followers all over the world.


I hope that my posts on my personal blog and on Instagram will give you the same inspiration and joy I get in daily life from other bloggers as well. My aspiration is not to create just a new lifestyle blog like there are many already around - it should motivate, inspire and influence the way we think about things and how we walk through the world.


Thank you already for your interest in my blog, for your feedbacks and inspirations.


*Simply Armin*

"the possibility to share my unique experiences with others is something I was thinking about since many years. There are so many great blogs, which show to all of us what the world has to offer, if we walk with eyes wide open through it."